Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inspiration behind Cornflower Creamery?
Cornflower Creamery was born out of a love for creating unique flavor experiences and a desire to become an active member of Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork community. We strive to support and promote the sustainability of the region’s rich culinary resources. Our aim is to provide the Sacramento community with the best ice cream delicacies, using the finest local ingredients, to ‘wow’ our customers, and to collaborate with others for mutual support and success.

What is artisan ice cream?
When we say ‘artisan’ we are referring to the unique artistic vision and culinary arts approach we employ when crafting our ice creams. We take time to hand-craft each flavor, starting with fresh produce, then chopping, adding herbs and spices, baking, toasting, and hand coating a variety of local ingredients.

How does Cornflower Creamery adopt the farm-to-fork concept?
Through partnerships with local farmers and by offering a changing, seasonal menu Cornflower Creamery  provides a Farm-to-Scoop experience. Our product is a reflection of the agriculturally rich environment that Sacramento and the California Central Valley offer. We also collaborate extensively with local chefs and non-profits to foster community partnerships in our business practices.

How does Cornflower Creamery differ from other ice cream businesses in the Sacramento region?
Cornflower Creamery is proud to join the thriving culinary landscape of Sacramento. We believe that our products introduce a fresh approach to ice cream by offering a seasonally based, distinctive and unique flavor selection that pleases mature palettes, adventurous eaters, and families alike. We use only natural ingredients and flavorings in our 'from scratch' process. Our ice cream is crafted with great attention to detail and enthusiastic delight. 

What sort of flavors do we feature?
Our menu offers new twists on time-tested classics as well as many original flavors inspired by the seasons, world spices, and our imagination! We also offer delectable vegan, non-dairy options. 

Who is the person behind this endeavor?

About Cynthia Broughton, the founder of Cornflower Creamery:

From the research and development of food sciences, to the trend setting restaurant landscape, Sacramento has developed immensely as a culinary epicenter. Cynthia Broughton is a product of this rich legacy. Growing up in Sacramento, her childhood included journeys to Fresno to pick grape leaves for canning, fall trips to Apple Hill to make apple sauce, and hanging out at the local wholesale butcher, C & K Meats, where her dad worked. She played ‘hooky’ from school as a young teen so that she could bake and experiment with cooking.

As a UC Berkeley college student, she became fascinated with the gourmet scene erupting with trendsetting chefs like Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. Her food journey included: working at Narsai’s, one of the first bay area gourmet markets; being a regional sales rep for a gourmet specialty foods firm; starting an organic farm and catering business, and working as a chef at a large retreat center. Through these experiences she has developed a palette and passion for creating inspired flavors.

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