Fall Flavors



S’mores - Sweet caramel, graham crackers, a swirl of dark fudge and lots of marshmallows

Black and White Chip - Dark and white chocolate chips in creamy milk chocolate

Walnut White Chocolate - Toasted local walnuts with white chocolate chips with a hint of fall spices

Salted Caramel - Salty caramel in creamy vanilla

Bourbon Brown Sugar - Smooth bourbon sweetened with carmelized brown sugar

      Baklava - House-made walnut baklava with honey and rosewater cream

Mocha Chip - Rich coffee, milk chocolate and a burst of chocolate flakes

Milk Chocolate - Creamy rich milk chocolate

Vanilla Bean - Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans

Lavender Earl Grey - Freshly steeped with notes of rosemary, bergamot, and rose petals


Matcha Green Tea - Locally sourced matcha in creamy coconut milk and honey with a hint of orange blossom

Strawberry Balsamic Black Pepper - Fresh organic strawberries and coconut milk with a splash of balsamic and black pepper

Cardamom Orange Marmalade - Creamy coconut milk with orange marmalade and a hint of cardamom

Almond Chai - Coconut and almond milks with warm chai spices

Peanut Butter Chip - Rich peanut butter with lots of dark chocolate chips in creamy coconut milk

Mocha - Rich espresso in coconut milk